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The Music Man that was My Dad

When my dad was still with us, he had a funny and unique nickname in the family. He was called 'The Music Man.' Why? Because every time we'd have family reunions—and let me tell you, we had a lot of 'em—it was he who provided the music for the party. 

Everyone loved his taste of music. He collected all these amazing records, mostly vinyl, and played the most suitable one for every occasion. Whether the event was a happy or sad one, my dad had the right music to set the mood. And in fact, it was my younger cousin who coined his nickname. At one of these many reunions, my cousin, then aged 4, asked me what "The Music Man" was playing with. He pointed to my dad who was tinkering with his phonograph to start the party. Since then, the nickname stuck. 

But beyond our family reunions, he was 'The Music Man' to me because of his devotion to the art form. He really did collect most of his records. And he always picked the best of the best. There was even a time that he discovered something special with one of his purchases. 

He bought a rare Led Zepellin record off of a vintage store one time. It was on a special promo and he was the lucky customer who won the discount. Over the moon, my dad left the store not knowing that, apart from the record, he also won a special prize. We went back to the store to pick it up: it was a curious tube. I knew right then and there that they'd be posters, but my dad was never into those things. And so he gave 'em to me cause he was only interested in the record. 

When I opened the tube, we were all astonished as to what was inside. The special prize was actually a mini collection of Led Zepellin "Mothership" album cover posters signed by the band themselves! When my dad saw the autographs, he went silent. I even think he might have fainted inside when he saw them. He asked for one of the copies, had it framed, and to this day, it still hangs near his collection of records. 

Thus was the prize 'The Music Man' deserved. At times I would look at that framed poster, as well as his collection of priceless records, and remember the good 'ol days he filled our world with music! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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