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The King of Rock and Roll Arises! 

Don't you just love biopics? When it's about a person who's long passed, it's as if they've risen back from the dead. No wonder they always win big at awards shows. There's just something so riveting about telling someone's story. And it's no different with the king of rock and roll himself, Elvis. 

Not gonna lie, I was initially worried about Baz Luhrmann taking on Elvis Presley's life story for his next project. The guy's good, no question, but "The King" is a different matter. The guy was larger than life! His story doesn't need Luhrmann's signature gloss and sparkle. And personally, he hasn't hit it out of the park since his amazing 2001 classic, "Moulin Rouge!" Now he's making an Elvis biopic? I was so ready to hate it! Especially when he cast Austin Butler as the late icon! Really? Out of so many actors, he chose this one!?

Yes, he did and you know what? Baz Luhrmann made the right chose. Both the actor and director shut me up when I saw the trailer. Damn, that was amazing! It was great enough to make me do a 180 and actually feel excited about the biopic. So much so that I decided to go to the Australian premiere. 

It's a good thing I was already living in Australia when the movie premiered. I recently moved here and I couldn't have had a better first activity than going to the "Elvis" premiere. My friends back home in Hollywood sent me some copies of the movie poster and I planned to get the cast to sign them. Most importantly, Austin Butler! Naturally, I was excited to meet Tom Hanks in person, let alone have him sign anything. But Butler really shattered my expectations on this film. I wanted to get his autograph more than ever! 

Luckily, it was pretty easy to do and it's all because he's a good guy. Even as he posed for the cameras and looked all suave, I didn't feel a hint of ego in him! He genuinely looked excited and was trying hard to mask his glee with his supermodel looks. And when I asked him to sign my movie posters, he didn't even give it a second thought. He signed every single one of them. 

As did Tom Hanks but then again, that is to be expected. If there's one person you can trust who is actually a good guy in Hollywood, it's Tom Hanks. He's such a genuinely nice guy that it's almost ironic that he has to be fake for his career (and pretty damn good at it too!). 

Oh, and before I forget, I got the beautiful Olivia DeJonge to sign my posters too. The Australian actress played Priscilla Presley in the movie and she was perfect! I'm sure Butler will win the Oscar but I feel like DeJonge will get as much buzz too. I hope she becomes a bigger star after the movie because based on what I saw on screen, she'll deserve it! 

When I first heard about this film, I kid you not, I thought Elvis would turn in his grave. But now, I feel like he rose from the dead and was back where he belonged: in the limelight! Watch "Elvis", you guys! It's an amazing movie!


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