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 "The Great Wall" with Great Stars

"The Great Wall" is a fantasy/historic epic set in one of the world's most famous monuments, the Great Wall of China. You'd think that a movie set in Asia would have Asian actors, right? Well, remember that this was the time before cancel-culture and social justice. Hollywood wasn't as "careful" back then! 

Although the cast of "The Great Wall" is as un-PC as a Trump rally, I do have to say that it has some great stars in it Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, and Willem Dafoe? Those are Hollywood all-stars right there! And as an Asian man myself, since the movie wasn't about any real-life figures and stories, this sort of liberty in casting can be overlooked. At least, just this once! I have to admit, even though I already knew the politically incorrect nature of the movie, I still went to get the cast's autographs anyways! 

I may sound like I have no chill but come on! Who'd pass up the chance to get the autographs of some of Hollywood's best leading men all in one event? Of course I had to go to the movie premiere and get them to sign my posters! Despite how offensive the casting may be, I wasn't gonna miss this! 

And thank God I didn't! I ended up getting all of the big stars' autographs! Damon, Defoe, Pascal—all of the movie's Hollywood heavyweights signed my posters. It was a shame I wasn't able to get the Chinese actors' autographs though! I may not know them myself but I'm sure they are or will be big in China! Getting their autographs on my posters would have made them a goldmine! 

Anyway, I'll never forget how I was face-to-face with some of the most famous actors in the world. Matt Damon was the first Oscar winner I ever got an autograph from. He doesn't age! I've been a fan of his since "Good Will Hunting" in 1997 and he still looks the same! A little bit mature, yes, but generally the same! And the difference in years between the two is one whole decade! It shocks me how he could still look pretty much like he did when ten years ago! Does Hollywood have an elixir or youth or something?  

Willem Defoe and Pedro Pascal were also awesome people! The latter, I was surprised to find out, was actually very personable. It's not that I thought he'd be an asshole or anything, but his roles were always so villainous that I didn't think he'd be that good of a guy in real life! Pascal, on the other hand, I was a huge fan of from "Game of Thrones" It was astounding to stand face-to-face with Oberyn Martell himself! Getting them to sign my posters was a highlight of my autograph-hounding career! 

I don't know how "The Great Wall" will hold up with today's SJW audiences but I personally liked the movie! Well, it's more so because I got the cast's autographs on my posters, lol! 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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