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Meeting The Actual Breakfast Club!


Want to know a high point in my life? It was when I met the actual 'Breakfast Club!' Man, that movie was my jam growing up! It was released a little bit before my time, but ever since I got into watching movies, I've been into John Hughes's films. He really was one of the greats! 

A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to have gotten tickets to a special anniversary event for the movie. I read that the main cast was going to be there so I knew I just had to go there as well! Luckily, an online John Hughes fan club I was in held a raffle and the prizes were tickets to that same event. I tried my luck three times. The first two times, I didn't get it. But then I had to get my name in there one last time and, out of sheer luck, I won the tickets! 

Not only that, but I also won a few copies of the movie's poster. So my plan was set: attend the event and get the actual "Breakfast Club" cast to sign them. Here was my chance to finally get up close and personal with the actors who helped shape my youth. I was full of nerves and excitement! 

The event started off with a special screening of the film. Watching it again for the nth time, it still makes me feel so happy and chill. I still laugh at the funny moments. I still get butterflies at the intimate moments. And even though I was older, I still related to the high school teens in the story. Afterward, the main cast was introduced. A lot of them had definitely aged quite a bit, but I didn't care. For me, they were still those same wide-eyed teens in that iconic film. 

After what was quite an informative forum, I made way to the meet-and-greet. I'm not entirely sure but I think meeting them was part of the prize of the raffle I won as well. But even if it wasn't, I was still determined to meet them and get my posters signed! After waiting for about half an hour, I finally did!

Molly Ringwald left the biggest impression on me. Having been John Hughes's muse, I wasn't surprised she eventually had one of the more fruitful careers out of all of them. Anthony Michael Hall looked so grown-up, so much so that I could hardly recognize the boy I watched in the film just a few hours earlier. And Emilio Estevez still looked great. I'm such a huge fan of his and his latest stint in Netflix's "Grace and Frankie" reminded me of his comedic genius. 

Ultimately, I achieved my goal of getting The Breakfast Club to sign my posters. Some of them now hang gloriously in my home in LA. While the others, I've decided, to share with you fellow John Hughes fans here! Enjoy! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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