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Timeless Movies from Our Generation That Will Live Through Centuries

Great movies take us to beautiful places.

No wonder cinematic pieces are the most appreciated works of art by people across generations. 

It gives people a break from their ordinary lives.

As a consequence, movies become the legacy of every generation. They are what we leave our children for them to remember us by.

Harry Potter

More than just a movie or a series, "Harry Potter" was a companion for many children in the '90s.

Very much like birthday or summer, Hogwarts was a magical experience we use to look forward to every year.

As the kids grew into adults, Harry was also transforming from a skinny 11-year-old to a real magician facing more significant and darker wizard battles.

"Harry Potter" began as a children's story and turned into a story of true heroism. And now, its spin-off "Fantastic Beast" is another enchanting tale that's enjoyable for adults who continue to believe in magic.

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In the most significant maritime tragedy in history, sprouted a love story which proved that love transcends societal divide and -- even fate and death.

"Titanic" takes us to a perilous voyage with a breathtaking finish. 

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The Wolf of Wall Street

What if all your fantasies come to life and you're suddenly rich and famous?

The Wolf of Wall Street centers on living the American Dream and hacking the entire financial system to get filthy rich and live a life that the rest of humanity can only dream of.

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Twilight is the romanticized story-telling of the ideals of young people in our generation: to fight for love at all costs even if it means turning your back on everything and giving up your very humanity.

The story begins in a small town with an average young girl with odd tendencies, which led her to discover things that will change her life forever.

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Mr. And Mrs. Smith

A strange twist to love and marriage, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, is the ultimate manifestation of tough love.

Its intense yet sexy and fatal fight scenes between former flames who are still very much married makes you forget your questions about the unlikely plot.

In the end, love prevailed, and Mr. And Mrs. Smith decide to be together even if it means shooting off all their former allies.

And months after the movie has ended, we realized that it never did because it's very own Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt fell in love on set and started their very own controversial romance.

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Lord of the Rings

A story about how desire can ruin humanity, The Lord of the Rings has a plotline that encompasses momentous chapters, extraordinary characters, and great wars that sparked from a small object of desire. 

The story is so wondrous and baffling that it became an inspiration for the many works of literature that came after it. Most famous of them is another worldwide sensation that recently closed in curtains, "Game of Thrones."

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John Wick

A movie that involves guns, swords, and martial arts but stays away from the brutal conventionalities of action films, John Wick is instead decorated with intricately layered dialogue and depth of emotion.

No other actor could topbill a movie like this other than the legend, Keanu Reeves, who possesses a mysterious charm that magnifies the scenes and intensifies his character in fierce and artful ways.

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The Hunger Games

At first glance, "The Hunger Games" takes you to a fantastic world where everything is artful, glitzy, almost enchanted, and with a bizarre tradition.

Then, you see the extremes. People in the capital live in the palace of roses while those in the districts would literally sell their lives for food. Finally, you decide, Panem is very much like our own world.

The Hunger Games is a story of courage to break a political system that blatantly discriminates. 

It follows Katniss Everdeen, a small town girl with living an ordinary life that changes when she is forced to save her loved ones. She's a hero that we all dream of.

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