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A Gaggle of Screen Legends and Movie Heroes 

It's astonishing how movies nowadays can easily assemble a cast full of screen icons! Back then, just one major star in a movie would already cost a lot. But now? It's as if production companies nowadays never run out of money! I mean, take "Expendables 3," for instance! This movie has more stars in it than the Hollywood Walk of Fame! 


Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Jet Li, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, and more! It's like the United Nations of movie heroes! Leading men who've inspired audiences with their heroic performances throughout the years! It's stunning how Lionsgate ever afforded such a cast! Like how!? How were they able to gather all of these big names in one movie? In one set!? My mind is still blown to this day! I just can't believe actors of this caliber all got together for one big movie. It's epic one every sense of the word! 


But, personally, what's even more epic was I was able to get their autographs! Yep, yours truly approached each and every one of them and asked them to sign my collection of copies of the movie poster. It's a good thing I have connections with some big names in Hollywood myself. Now, I admit I'm just a nobody in show business, but I do have friends in high places. And being the good person that I am, the only time I'd "abused" this privilege is to simply get celeb's autographs. No more, no less! 


Fortunately, my friend was also smart about going about fulfilling my requests. He knew that, with this caliber of actors, big egos meant a lot of attitudes. And since "Expendables 3" is an action movie, more often than not, they'd be exhausted. So he invited me over to the set at a time when the scenes were just calm and not too strenuous to the stars. I, looking like a quintessential movie geek with my glasses and a stack of posters on hand, was accompanied by my friend as we toured the set. He introduced me to each and every star in the cast and I'd ask for their autographs. 


Most of them were generous, signing my posters as if it was nothing. While a handful of others needed a little goading. And no, I won't drop their names! I don't work for the E! Channel! Lol! Nevertheless, I think I got most, if not all of them! And it was the most tiring day of autograph-hounding I've had yet! And it wasn't even at a movie premiere! 


So, for all you fellow movie geeks and memorabilia collectors out there, there are no autographed posters better than mine! I mean, look at how many legends signed them! You won't find memorabilia like this anywhere else! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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