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Aug 23, 2022

The Best Items to Get Signed By a Celebrity

When you finally get to meet your favorite celebrity, what would you have them sign? A memento, perhaps? Or your fami...

Aug 19, 2022

The Best Coach Ever!

Ever seen a movie that inspires you so much, it practically directed your life? I have! I became a basketball referee...

Aug 18, 2022

A Poetic Encounter For The Ages!

"Oh captain, my captain!" Are there any lines that would induce goosebumps like this one? If you don't know where thi...

Aug 16, 2022

The Best Places to Get a Celebrity's Autograph

When it comes to autograph collecting, what matters is the time and place. Look, as much as celebrities enjoy signing...

Aug 16, 2022

Use “Code 8” To Get Autographs!

I just have to put it out there: just because an autograph hound lives to get autographs, doesn't mean just anybody's...

Aug 15, 2022

A Vampire's Beauty Never Fades

Do you know why the lore of vampires continues to fascinate audiences to this day? From the dark caped masters from T...

Aug 12, 2022

6 Common Mistakes You Might Commit When Meeting a Celebrity

As an autograph hound, I've met a lot of celebrities in my time. And I'm already in my 50s so the people I met were t...

Aug 11, 2022

A Whole Other Ball Game for "Space Jam"

No matter what anyone says, I still love it when live-action mixes with animation. It's not so new and novel anymore ...

Aug 11, 2022

How to Attract A Celebrity's Attention Without Embarrassing Yourself

If you want to get into autograph collecting, you're gonna have to come up with ways to attract a celebrity's attenti...

Aug 10, 2022

The Best Platinum Blonde Icon of My Generation

There was Jean Harlow in the 30s, Marilyn Monroe in the 50s, and Madonna in the 80s. It seems like every generation h...

Aug 8, 2022

Why Patience is The Key to Autograph Collecting

Autograph collecting is serious business! There you are, walking up to some of the most famous people in the world, a...

Jul 14, 2022

A Legendary Reunion Indeed!

"Lonesome Dove" is my favorite miniseries of all time. It stars a boatload of amazing actors and, in my opinion, is d...
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