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Underrated Al Pacino Movies Worth Your While

We all know about Michael Corleone, Tony Montana, and Frank Serpico. If you don't, then you have awful taste in movies! These are the great characters that the legendary Al Pacino put to life onscreen. They have their iconic moments, from giving the kiss of death to an enemy of the family to introducing audiences to his "little friend". From the 70s to the early 2000s, Pacino was the actor all other actors looked up to. And even beyond these well-known roles, he was magnificent in every performance

Some of them are rather underrated, undeservedly so, in my opinion. So the shed some light on them, I listed a few not-so-famous Al Pacino movies worth watching. 

Carlito’s Way

Because of his portrayal of Michael Corleone, Al Pacino's take on the gangster was always subtle yet sinister. But in "Carlito's Way," he was able to get down and dirty like the rest of them. His portrayal as Carlito Brigante, a Puerto Rican criminal who tries to escape a life of crime is a much toned-down but similarly compelling version of Tony Montana. He' still tough and not to be f**ked with, but he's also smoother and easier to decipher. 

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One scene. It was just one scene that two of the greatest actors alive, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, shared the screen together. And that scene alone makes "Heat" deserve all your attention. This time around, Pacino's the cop going after De Niro, and with how riveting both performances are, you're not sure whether you'll root for the good guy or the bad guy. And in many cases, you're not even sure which is which. Such were the masterful acting of these two screen legends! 

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City Hall

Only a few actors can take on Al Pacino and still stand-out in the film. John Cusack did just that in "City Hall". Here, he plays a deputy mayor to Pacino, investigating a heinous crime that leads to all sorts of sketchy characters. There are so many twists and turns here that it's safe to say you no longer know who's right or wrong. But there is one thing you'll surely feel, and that's Al Pacino gave a hell of a performance as 'MayorJohn Pappas'! 

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Frankie and Johnny

Al Pacino in a romantic comedy? Well, yes! But before you dismiss this as another twee 90s chick flick, "Frankie and Johnny" is actually a raw yet romantic loves tory involving two extraordinarily ordinary individuals. Here, Pacino reunites with his "Scarface" castmate Michelle Pfieffer, who plays his complicated love interest. Despite his penchant for gangster characters, the screen legend actually excels and makes a convincing love-dovey cook who's fallen head-over-heels for a waitress at a New York diner he works at. It's beautifully mundane in all the right places! 

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Pacino's latest film to date. "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" sees the movie icon working, for the very first time, with Quentin Tarantino. He also plays opposite some of the finest actors working today: Leonard DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, and more. Here, he steals the scenes just as he did a few decades ago as Marvin Schwarz, A big-time producer and agent to DiCaprio's Dalton. Just like how he is a gangster, Pacio makes for a convincing Hollywood type that you just love to hate! 

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As long as a movie has the words ‘Al Pacino’ on it, you can bet it’s a great flick to watch! Enjoy some of these movies and more from one of the best actors that ever graced the industry. 

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