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The Only Chance I Got To Meet Freddie Mercury

If you're going to meet someone as big as Freddie Mercury, why not do it on one of the biggest nights in Hollywood? And yes, this can only mean one event: The Oscars. At my first time going to the awards ceremony on the sidelines, I met the actor who played my most favorite movie icon. 

Growing up, I've always been a Queen fan. I inherited it from my dad. He would often listen to their records when I was a teenager. When I reached a point in my life that I would enjoy such music, he introduced me to one of the best bands in music history. I still get chills when I listen to "Bohemian Rhapsody." I still bop my head and clap my hands when "We Will Rock You" is on. And I still feel so inspired when I hear "We Are The Champions." I'll forever be a 'Queen' fan. 

Knowing that the band's biopic, "Bohemian Rhapsody" was up for a few Oscars that night, I knew I just had to go. I live near Hollywood boulevard where the Dolby Theatre is located. Each year, I've been itching to see the Oscars red carpet live but I never really got the energy to go. But now, knowing that the stars of my favorite film of that year were going to be there, as well as, of course, some of the remaining members of Queen, I just had to go. I got a few of my friends to join me and to help me get my copies of the movie's poster signed. 

Being there, it was almost exactly how I imagined it to be. The glamour, the clamor for stars, all the pomp & circumstance—it was all a tad overwhelming, but still fun nonetheless. Though when I finally saw the guys from "Bohemian Rhapsody," I got my pen and posters ready. One by one, they all signed my and my friends' copies. Lucy Boynton looked ravishing in her dress, while Ben Hardy and Joseph Mazzello both looked dapper as hell! 

But it was Rami Malek that really got me starstruck. I was so in awe of his performance as Freddie Mercury that I found it difficult to separate the two at the time. And when he was right in front of me, I kid you not, I felt Mercury's spirit. As dramatic as this may sound, I really felt that it was the actual music legend that wrote on my poster. Still, Malek's autograph was also noteworthy. 

That night was truly phenomenal! I met some stars, got their autographs, and saw the Oscars glamour up close and personal. I think I may have to go every year from here on in! 


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