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Traveling "Underground" To Meet Celebrities

I'm not much of a traveler myself. Even though I'm a collector of all sorts of memorabilia, I mostly order them online like the rest of you. I've yet to come to the level of going from one shop to another, attending fairs, browsing flea markets, and whatnot. However, I did go all the way to New York one time just to meet some celebrities! 


I live in the state of Maine so going to New York is sort of like going "underground." And that's where the celebrities I met come into this. You see, my sister (well, myself too but not to the level as my sister!) loves Ryan Reynolds. And since she knew I had free time during the holiday season one year, and that I was considering going to New York on vacation at the time, she asked me if I could get his autograph at the premiere of his then-new movie, "6 Underground." My sister was never one to ask such huge favors like this so I did the best I can. 


Luckily, all my efforts were not for nothing! With the help of some New York friends, we attended the premiere of the film. I also got hold of a couple of copies of the movie poster and thought it'd look right if they signed that, not just some random guy's notebook or something. True enough, when I got back, the signed poster was the first thing my little sis ever put up in her room. 


I have to admit, though I was a fan of Ryan Reynolds, I wasn't that over-the-moon about him like my sister was (and still is). But meeting him in person at the premiere, I understood why girls swooned over him and why guys wanted to be him. He was simply a good guy, very handsome, well-built, and funny as well. I always thought his goofy personality was just a social media gimmick and an act to make him more likable. But seeing him up close and personal, he really is that sort of guy!


Mélanie Laurent, of Harry Potter-fame, looked beautiful too! Gosh! To me, she will always be Clémence Poésy! She, too, signed my posters as well as the rest of the cast. I really was pleasantly surprised. I thought just having Reynolds's autograph was enough but when I tried to ask for the others', they all up and signed them as well. And most of them signed multiple copies, not just one! Laurent was the only one to sign all of them but I'm not bitter about the rest at all! 


Man, I miss that time! It really was fun and exciting, meeting celebrities, I mean. I won't mind doing this sort of thing again when the pandemic is over! 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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