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Top Five Superman Actors of All Time

Much like Batman, Superman is a heavily desired role to this day. He is, after all, one of the true-blue American superheroes of all time. A symbol of strength and virtue, the comic book character has seen a lot of acclaimed actors take on the red cape. Some were noteworthy stand-outs, while others didn't give as much impact as the role needed. 

But for those who caught our attention, what was it about them that made them perfect for such an iconic character? Maybe these points will shed some light. 

Christopher Reeves


When you say Superman, no matter who's the current lead actor taking on the role today, Christopher Reeves will always come to mind. He was, after all, the original Superman. In fact, he was one of the original superhero actors Hollywood ever saw. And the reason why he was so good at it was that he combined both the comical narrative and the cinematic angle of the role. To film audiences both of the time and today, Reeves wasn't just the dashing movie star superhero, he was also the heroic idol kids can look up to. 

Henry Cavill

Let's go beyond his good looks, shall we? We can save that for the thirsty b**ches out there! Though Cavill's looks did play a major part in his portrayal, it was his seriousness for the role that made him an effective Superman. He performed the role so rigidly and with such high regard to both the craft and the character that you really felt he was other-worldly. And while audiences weren't always keen on the high-brow stuff, that was one part of Superman that Cavill manifested to a tee! 

Tom Welling

What made Superman such a favorite among many is that he's this almighty superhuman being from outer space who lived his life as an ordinary human. And out of all the actors who portrayed the red-caped blue-suited hero, Tom Welling was amazing as an adolescent Clark Kent. He humanized the character in a way that the others didn't or didn't get a chance to. He also made the superhero that much more relatable, which is always a plus for both movie and TV audiences alike! 

Brandon Routh

No matter what you think of "Superman Returns," Brandon Routh deserves a+ for effort. He was the best part of the whole film, which for some may not seem a lot, but it does for the character anyways. In many ways, his performance can be compared to Cavill's, as while the latter excelled in making the role seriously, Routh made it more mysterious. Even though Superman is the cookie-cutter superhero, he's always been a mysterious figure. One that Routh perfectly personified in the 2006 film. 

Dean Cain

Dean Cain is probably most people's favorite Superman. Not only because he starred in the series. "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," but also because he humanized the role. While Welling highlighted the character's vulnerability in "Smallville," Cain uplifted the confident yet very human side of the beloved character in his own series. His portrayal was the quintessential TV/movie superhero everyone loves and expected. 


There will be other Superman actors out there, and fortunately for them, these men paved the way on how to portray one of the most iconic yet complex characters in entertainment history! 

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