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9 Iconic Movie Soundtracks to Learn on the Piano

“Beautiful film music can be made relevant to any period” – A. R. Rahman

Behind every great film is a meticulously planned soundtrack. Good soundtracks can make mediocre films unforgettable and bad ones can undermine stellar writing and performances. A soundtrack can build tension, establish characterization or even be part of the plot.

Being nerds who spend most of our time in our basements, we here at Jellynote LOVE a good soundtrack as it combines the two things we enjoy most in the world: music and living vicariously through other people.

To celebrate the importance of the film soundtrack, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite soundtracks of all time and provided sheet music so you can have a go at playing them!


The Hanging Tree  The Hunger Games  

The song that inspired a revolution. Plus, who knew J-Law could sing?

“Fire is catching, and if we burn, you burn with us.”
Download the sheet music for The Hanging Tree here.

The Disney Medley

It’s bound to get everyone singing, and your mother shouting “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO MORE DISNEY!”
“The cold never bothered me anyway.”
Download the sheet music for the Disney Medley here.

Also check out our other list of the easiest Disney songs to play on the piano here.


Skyfall – Skyfall

Who doesn’t feel badass when they listen to this song? Admittedly, not blow-up-a-building-and-bed-a-bond-girl-badass, more like…only tip-5%-when-the-waiter’s-rude-to-you-badass. Still…points for trying.

“Some men are coming to kill us. We’re going to kill them first.”


Check out the sheet music for Skyfall here.


La Valse d’Amélie – Amélie

Ah, Amélie. Making weird people everywhere feel slightly less weird.

“Amélie has no boyfriend. She tried once or twice, but the results were a letdown.”

Download the sheet music for this haunting tune here.

Also, watch this video by music teacher Sibmol, who shows you how to play the theme tune from Amélie.


My Heart Will Go On – Titanic

A ballad for the ages. We recommend having a box of tissues beside you and staying away from hard alcohol while you play it. It could get messy…

“Draw me like one of your French girls.”
Download the sheet music for My Heart Will Go On here.
This song is also perfect for weddings and is featured on our list of the best songs to play at your wedding.
Time – Inception
This tune is bigger than Hans Zimmer’s ego.
“You’re waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away.”
Download the sheet music for Time here.  


Main Theme – The Lord of the Rings

Great idea alert! Skip the 9-hour marathon film session and just learn to play the piano music!

“My precious!”

Download the sheet music here.


Stand By Me – Stand By Me

This song is a perfect reminder of our own less-than-perfect coming of age experience. The music is bound to bring tears of nostalgia to your eyes.

"This is my age! I’m in the prime of my youth and I’ll only be young once!"

Download the sheet music for Stand by Me here.


Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to try playing some of these songs…or at least to re-watch some of your favorite movies!

Happy Practicing!

The Jellynote Team x


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