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Top Assassin Movies That Never Fail to Entertainment

There's something about killing people that's sort of entertaining... okay, maybe not! But there is something about people do so well at their craft that it's so scintillating to watch. This goes for assassins too. Surely not every fan of assassin movies are into murder, be it a just one or not. But the fun here is when these people go on stealth mode when they plan their attack, and when they go for (excuse the expression) kill.

Through the years, assassin movies have captured the imagination of many movie-goers, and here are some of them that never fails to entertain. 

The Terminator

What's better than a cyborg assassin? When he's played by Arnold Schwarzenegger! In what became his most iconic role, the former Mr. Universe winner became the toast of Hollywood in this thrilling sci-fi action film.

It's not a testament to Schwarzenegger's acting per se, but he did portray the robotic criminal-turned-hero character really well. And his stoicism throughout all the violence made him all the more sinister. But still, he was a fascinating figure that you didn't know whether to love or hate. Good thing he'll back so you can decide for yourself! 

Kill Bill

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This saying never seemed truer than in Kill Bill. If you thought women couldn't assassins, this might have slapped you in the face multiple times. Be thankful it didn't splice you up into pieces with a samurai sword. But perhaps the best part about this movie (both, actually) was Uma Thurman.

She was so convincing as 'The Bride' out for revenge that she almost blurred the lines between role and actress. And she could fight like a total boss b**ch too! 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Murder with some sex? Now that's a deadly combination! Notorious for being the film where two of what was one of the biggest power couples in Hollywood history, Mr. & Mrs. Smith deserve more recognition. Forget all the tabloid s**t for a moment and focus on how well both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt balanced their feelings for death and desire.


Their sensuality was almost pornographic, yet had the violence to back it all up and still make it the hit assassin movie that it was! 

John Wick

Can Keanu Reeves ever do wrong? Probably not. When the world was just focused on his role on "The Matrix,' it seemed this talented actor was never going to outlive that film.


But when he portrayed John Wick, however, things started to look up. Reeves was perfect for the role because it needed a mysterious enigmatic presence to inhibit it. And those two words completely describe him, both on and off-screen. 



Is there anything better than Liam Neeson in an assassin movie? The answer is nothing! The Irish actor is made for such films and one of his best was "Unknown".


Here, he stars as Dr. Martin Harris, a successful man whose world was turned upside down and suddenly, assassins were out to get him. But as with any other film he's done, these killers should have known that when you hunt Liam Neeson, sooner or later, you become the hunted. 

If you ever wanted to watch a movie where people kill people, these are the licks to go for. Don’t worry, your therapist won’t tell you there’s something wrong with you. Even they will watch these with you! 

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