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More than Music: A Look Back At The Greatest Singers of the Century

Everything gets better with music. Once in a while, we are stunned by extremely powerful songs that make waves around the globe and unites the world through music.

Some artists, bands, and musicians are so special because they have grown beyond entertaining people, they have become icons, representation of something bigger than music. We want to share with you our iconic Music Collection.


The Beatles 

The Beatles is the biggest and most unforgettable band in music history. 

They are iconic not just because they made good music but because they made music and made the world sing again during the time where people are moving on from the devastation of war. 

The Beatles became a personification of hope and happiness. Their music offered an assurance that the world is safe once more.


Micheal Jackson

Micheal Jackson is not just an artist or a song. MJ is an experience. Going to his concert makes you experience a perfect moment in your life.

And that perfection is very real.

A star from a young age, Micheal Jackson expanded his artistry by learning everything related to music.

A singer, artist, and director Micheal Jackson creates an electrifying energy by intricately syncing everything.  

In the documentary, "This is It," he is shown working to match his angelic singing and soulful dancing to the switching of the lights, the beat of the drums, the movement of the stage, the dynamics of the back-up dancers, and every little detail that makes the concert.




Queen was an overnight sensation with "Bohemian Rhapsody," a song that very much describes the rest of Queen's run in the music industry: record-breaking, rule-breaking, fierce, awesome, beautiful, and sometimes doesn't make sense.

Afte rall, Bohemian Rhapsody was a wondrous blend of Opera lines and breath-taking falsettos that never had a clear meaning as a song. It's lovely to listen so long as you don't worry about what it means.

And only Queen can create a hit that lasts for six minutes. They are also the only band the comfortably switches genres every album. 


Lady Gaga

Talented and bizarre, aspiring musician Stefani was not beautiful enough or not special enough to break into the music industry. At least, that's what most people think.

Many saw her as a singer who will continue to live on small gigs for the rest of her life.

But Stefani had a grand vision. Only she sees the beauty in her art. She was crazy and weird and she knew deep down inside that she can create something powerful and beautiful from all the elements that are unique to her.

And when people continue to doubt and misunderstood her, Stefani's isolation drew her even closer to music and she sings about he life, dreams, lessons, and greatest inspirations. 

The result of this? A rich collection of touching songs that would soon be heard around the world, sang by Lady Gaga.



Many icons channeled artistic freedom and convey powerful messages through songs. Adele only wanted to sing.

Adele was simple. With her perfect and powerful voice, Adele pours her heart out through sad and sincere songs about the perils of love and the pain of a broken heart-- messages that are very relatable to women across the world who needed an anthem for their heartbreaks and disappointments.



Jay-Z has been a consistently successful rapper and story-teller who has also been effective in conveying messages that people need to hear.

Never assured by money or fame, Jay-Z disdained comfort and chose to experiment and break barriers with his music.


From "Just Don't Give a F-" to "Mockingbird" Eminem's songs have been realistic and bitter.

And that's where his charm really lies. Some people are tired of putting up a smile and maintaining a polite attitude in the most cringe-worthy circumstances.

Sometimes, it's relieving to express your imperfections and disappointments. And when you feel like doing it, tune in your Spotify to Eminem.

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