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The Triple Threat that was Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Ray Liotta

Has there ever been a more iconic trio than that of Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Ray Liotta? I don't need to wait for an answer, because I already know what it is: no! These three made movie magic with the Scorcese film, packing in as much action and emotion in one of the best movies ever made. So you'd imagine my frustration when it took me more than a decade to get my "Goodfellas" posters signed. These three were especially difficult to get to, but in the end, I still triumphed! 

The first one I got was, surprisingly, from Joe Pesci. Oh had I wish he cussed me out when I asked for his autograph! But he couldn't cause there were children around us at the time. I actually got his autograph when I attended the premiere of "Home Alone 2: Lost In New York". Yes, I had to go to that kiddie movie just to get the autograph of an actor who played one of the most dangerous gangsters in history. Talk about ironic! What I'll never forget though, was the look he gave me when I showed him the posters. Even with just a look, I knew he was telling me, "What the fuck is the matter with you!?" 

Robert De Niro was next, One would think he'd be the easiest cause he's the most famous and he's the most public out of the three. But it's because he had so many fans that I'd often not get to him. I was not only during an Academy Awards red carpet in the mid-2000s that I was finally able to get him to sign my "Goodfellas" posters. That time, I had friends with me, so I annoyed him less with fewer copies than I did Pesci. He attended the ceremony with his beautiful wife, signed all our posters, and went on to the theater. Not to sound prissy or anything, but it was sort of magical! 

Now, as for Ray Liotta, this guy was so difficult to reach. In fact, it wasn't only until 2016 that I finally got his autographs. He just premiered his new TV show, "Shades of Blue," and so he was more public again. He went to the red carpet event to celebrate the premiere and it was there when, after so many years of chasing him, did I finally get him to sign my posters. Let me tell you, it was as difficult as finding Henry Hill himself! 

How I wish these great men will act together again someday! Hey, a man can dream, right? 


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