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The Shining Star of Lady Gaga

A Grammy-winning pop star, fashion icon, businesswoman, and Oscar-nominated actress—these are just some titles you can accurately call Lady Gaga. The women's icon and she's only been in the public eye for about a decade or so. She has captured the minds, hearts, and imagination of her fans, and no other star shines as bright in my book! 

I've been a fan of hers since her debut. I've bought all her albums, followed her every fashion statement, and even attempted to learn her dance moves. While many critics have thrown all sorts of poop on her to dim her light, I've stood by her side and made sure she knew just how bright her star shone for me. In my opinion, however, she was at her best when she starred in "A Star Is Born." Okay, she may be best known for her crazy outfits and provocative music videos, but when she acted her butt off in that movie, it was raw, real, and so emotional. 

Seeing her get all these praises and accolades, I swear, you'd think I was her proud mother or something. But she's out mother monster, and us little monsters are so proud of her for that achievement. In fact, it thrilled me so much that I bought a few copies of the movie poster. 

Not content with just those posters, I wanted her to sign them herself. I've met Lady Gaga a few times already and had her sign CDs, posters, records, and more. But this time, it was special. This time, it's for the posters of her Academy Award-nominated role. It's history for a little monster like me and if I got her to sign at least one of them, it'll be worth the Gods! 

So what did I do? I flew all the way to Hollywood and went to the Oscars. Yes, I became one of those screaming fans that you see on TV while the stars walk the red carpet. I got to take selfies with a lot of them though, including Gaga's co-star Bradley Cooper—who also signed my posters, thank you very much!—but unfortunately, not Gaga herself. I screamed her name countless times, but it became pandemonium and I never reached her. 

Not giving up, I went to the Vanity Fair Oscars Party right after the ceremony. Having won the Oscar for Best Original Song, I was sure Mother Monster was in such high spirits, she would do anything a fan would ask her. And so she did! At that red carpet event, I finally got her attention. She approached me, her Oscar in her hands, and gave me a big hug. I then asked her to sign my posters. I gave her my pen as she tucked her Oscar under her arm and wrote away. It was amazing! 

Hollywood, y'all saw what my Queen can do onscreen. Give her all the musicals she needs in order to get that 'Best Actress' award. Give her all her things cause Mother Monster deserves all of it! 

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