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The Men of "Monster Truck" are Monstrously Handsome!

I may sound like a thirsty momma but I don't care! As a woman who usually goes for rom-coms, the only thing I enjoyed about watching "Monster Trucks" were the hunks the drove them on-screen. My boyfriend, who's also an autograph-hound, asked me to accompany him and the rest of his team for the premiere of this film. After finding out the stars int he cast, I didn't hesitate to come with!  

I mean, when you have Lucas Till, Rob Lowe, and Barry Pepper starring in your movie, I'm all in! Of course, I love my boyfriend, but even he has to admit that these guys are extremely handsome. Fortunately, he conceded and allowed me to drool over them on the red carpet while I got him his autographs. Rob Lower was the first of the three to come to me. Damn, he really is "movie star" handsome. That's what I call those whose looks really deserve to be on the big screen!

Lucas Till, on the other hand, is younger than me but still a strapping stud. He's more for the tween fans of the movie. While Barry Pepper is very sinisterly sexy. He's the sort of villain you'd love to hate but would still get into bed with! He too had a more distinct "movie star" handsomeness that can rival even that of Lowe's. 

Ladies, I know “Monster Trucks” might not sound like your cup of tea. But believe me, these three Hollywood studs will make watching it worth it! 


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