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The Great "Gladiator" Cast in All Their Glory

"Are you not entertained!?" Oh, I so was with the "Gladiator" movie. Personally, no other film has upstaged it in my personal list of favorite films. And all the other Best Picture Oscar-winning movies just pale in comparison in my book. It's a thing of beauty that all movie-lovers should see at least once. 

Russel Crowe was, of course, the best thing out of that film. To me, he'll forever be Spartacus. Other actors shouldn't even try to get this role as Crowe has made it impossible for them to do it justice. Then there's Joaquin Phoenix, whose role as the Roman Emperor really gave me chills. I'm still bitter that he didn't win the Oscar for it! The same with Crowe too! With such a great cast, sublime production, and chilling soundtrack, it's the quintessential 'Best Picture' film. It set the standards so high that all the others seem underwhelming. 

I'll personally never forget when I saw the cast up close and personal. It was at the Academy Awards, that historic ceremony where the film won the most prestigious awards in Hollywood. I was there with a few friends of me who were also fellow fans of the movie. Apart from just seeing them in person, we wanted to get their autographs too. We bought copies of the movie's famous poster and asked them to sign it. And you know what? Most of them did! 

What astounded me the most was that Crowe and Phoenix signed them as well. I would have thought they were so in the upper echelons of the industry that signing autographs was beneath them. But nope, the remained as humble as ever and grateful to their fans. 

Crowe stunned me the most. Now, I'm a heterosexual male who's into the ladies but I know a handsome guy when I see one. And this actor sure is handsome. I believe it was "Gladiator" that made him a sex symbol and seeing him up close, I finally understood why. Pheonix, on the other hand, was just coming out of his shell at the time. But even then, I already knew that the young actor who was excited to sign my posters would one day win an Oscar for himself. 

The rest of the cast—Connie Nielsen, Richard Harris, and Djimon Hounsou—looked glorious as well. I mean, why wouldn't they? They knew their film was going to win big that night and so they looked their best! They truly were a glorious cast for such a glorious film! 


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