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That Little Superstar that is Ariana Grande

For a singer with a big voice, Ariana Grande sure is tiny. But that's part of her charm. One look and you'd think she's just this teeny-bopper of a pop star. You would have never thought she is the songstress that she is. Cool, but also, if I'm being completely honest, a little creepy. 

I met her once when I was in LA. I accompanied my friend to one of her performances at a late-night talk show. Now, my friend, who's in her late 20s, has a great career in media, and is getting married soon. She is an uber Ariana Grande fan. Like, she will go to the ends of the earth just to see her. I heard—and I haven't really confirmed this—she once took a few days off from work just so she could watch Ariana Grande perform in England. Why she had to go across the pond to see her, I will never understand. 

She's (my friend) lucky she's small too—I think they're practically the same size. She can pull off looking like a teen and not get judged for being a 20-something-year-old Ariana Grande fan. Anyways, I have to admit, the girl is talented. She sang that song during her live musical performance like nobody's business. She's no Mariah, let's stop right there! But she can hold her own in a battle of the divas. 

We finally met up with her at the stage door after the taping. She was nice to her fans overall. Took selfies with them, signed their stuff, and the like. With my friend, I swear, she almost fainted when the singer was right in front of us. Thank God I was right behind her, or else she could have had a nasty spill. And just like with everyone else, she signed my friend's posters as well. My girl even gave me a few copies as a thank you for accompanying her. 

For now, I'm just still so shocked at how small the girl is. Though it must be because I'm a tall guy myself, but for her to be that short and have a lot of fans is just... something else! 


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