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Seeing Some Award-Winning Friends On The Red Carpet 

Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey. Who could ever forget these six iconic friends? For ten years, they made us laugh, cry, and feel good no matter the circumstances. And I'm forever grateful I had the chance to meet them in person. And it was on the red carpet for the Golden Globes, no less! 


It's no secret that "Friends" was one of the best sitcoms on TV during the 90s and early 2000s. Because of this, the cast members were often nominated and won lots of awards for their amazing performances. One year, though I don't remember which one, the show and the cast were nominated again during the Golden Globes. Since I lived in LA at the time, that was the perfect opportunity for me to finally get their autographs. I brought along a couple of copies of their posters (which were really big at the time) and hoped for the best! 


It really seemed like someone up there likes me because, to my complete shock, I achieved my goal! I met each and every one of the "Friends" and they all signed most of my posters. Not just one of them as one would expect. But a lot of them. None of them really signed all of them but the fact that they took the effort to sign more than one really struck a chord in me! Most especially Jennifer Aniston who, at the time, was the biggest TV star on the planet. Every photographer was screaming at her, every fan was shouting her name, yet she took a couple of minutes to sign my posters! Amazing! 


David Schwimmer was just as nice. He not only signed my posters, but he even held them as they wrote on them. He was the only one to do so out of the six cast members. It really warmed my heart! He was so considerate. But don't think that I'm throwing shade at the other cast members! They were also considerate of me and were totally nice. It was just that Schwimmer—who I called Ross to his face, can you believe it!?—was really sweet in doing that! Matthew Perry was also really sweet and even made me giggle with his signature 'Chandler' antics! 


The one who I was most surprised by was Lisa Kudrow. Not because she was a total bitch to me, far from it! She was nice, polite, and so accommodating. But she was also so calm and collected, even with all the craziness around her at the time. It was almost unsettling seeing 'Phoebe' act all normal right in front of my eyes. It really convinced me that Kudrow really is a high-caliber actress! She was so far from her character, it was astonishing! 


In my opinion, no other sitcom has equaled the greatness of "Friends." "How I Met Your Mother" was always touted as its rival, but it's not even close! The caliber of talent of these six amazing actors is rare, nowhere to be found on TV nowadays. I'm so lucky to have met them and gotten their autographs! 

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