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Meeting The Famous Friends For The First Time

Hey kids, let me tell you a story. It's a story about how yours truly met six amazing friends who'd one day take over the world. The entertainment world, that is. Eventually, they became everyone's friends, appearing in their homes every week and making them laugh! Yep, if you haven't caught on yet, I'm talking about the stars of the iconic "Friends" sitcom. 


It was back in the early 1990s when the show was just about to premiere. I was working as a TV journalist for a media publication at the time and one of my assignments was to interview the cast of the upcoming sitcom, "Friends." There they were: Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox Arquette, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, and Matthew Perry, all looking young, hopeful, a little nervous, and definitely excited. They probably couldn't have imagined just how huge their show was gonna get at the time. 


I could sense how humble yet determined their tones were as if they were trying to convince me that this sitcom was gonna be a success. I was one of the first TV journalists to have interviewed them pre-superstardom so, at the time, they didn't have any egos, no sense of entitlement, none. They were simply young actors who got work and were pretty excited about it. I was actually surprised how some of them, especially David Schwimmer, were so far from their characters on screen. While the others, specifically Matthre Perry, were so similar to their roles it was almost scary! 


I'm not gonna get into detail about how that interview went. All I could say was that the cast was excited, nervous, yet proud of what they had worked on thus far at the time. They probably could've never imagined the success their sitcom eventually got in the years that came after. But what I can say was that these actors, from that time and (probably) until now, are genuinely nice people. 


A year later, when "Friends" became one of the biggest shows on TV, I got a hold of a poster for the show. The one where all six cast members were sharing shakes. It eventually became one of their most iconic images, as well as in TV history. A friend who helped in making their posters offered me a few copies of that and dared me to ask for their autographs. I, of course, accepted. I was going to meet them again for another interview to talk about the first season's success anyways. That was the perfect time to do it! 


Now, what happened actually shocked me! Not only did all six actors remember who I was, they even signed all of my copies of the show's poster. It was insane! I would have thought, just like any other Hollywood actor out there, that after I met them when they've become uber-famous, that they'd forget about me. Or at least, pretend to. I never took it personally, that's just how these stars do in this business. But these six fellas? They were humble, kind, and as I've said before, genuinely nice. I was pleasantly surprised. 


I wish I could have photographed my friend's face seeing all the autographs of the six "Friends" on all the posters. I couldn't have imagined that'd be the end-result too! But, there they were! Boy, I sure am glad they became as successful as they are now. No other cast couldn't have deserved it better! 

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