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Five Must-See Underdog Films When You're Feeling Down

Now, who doesn't love underdog films? If you don't then we can't be friends! Seeing the most ostracized characters in society become the big winners just makes me feel all warm inside. And I bet it does the same to you too! I mean, you'd have to be a snobby a** bi**h if it doesn't! These are the best types of feel-good movies you'd watch again and again. 

In fact, here's some that are great for when you feel down. Enjoy! 

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

There's a reason why Harry Potter is one of the most beloved books and movie franchises of all time. At some point in our lives, we were that puny, glasses-wearing nerd who didn't know his full potential and willingly let other abuse and insult him. But when we find out that there's a special sort of magic within us, we become that confident, self-assured wizard. In my opinion, Harry Potter was the ultimate underdog in the first installment, "Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone". Apart from Hermionie, Ron, Hagrid, and Dumbledore, just about everybody else doubted him and his abilities. But in the end, he still saves the day! 


Rocky is a total bada** in more ways than one. Apart from a sick soundtrack that's become one of the most iconic themes in cinematic history, it tells a story of a small-town boxer who goes on to fight a juggernaut in the sport but gets defeated in the end. Though it's not the quintessential "work hard to win hard" movie everybody's used to, it shows life at its most real. That oftentimes, it's never just about the destination, but the journey to take to get there. And who doesn't appreciate a film that doesn't bulls**t you with fluffy narratives that won't always be the case? 


From former inmate to superhero? Sounds like classic movie bulls**t, doesn't it? Well, that's not how MCU's Ant-Man portrayed it. Paul Rudd's Scott Lang is, perhaps, the biggest underdog in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. And I'm not even going to underscore his big role in "Avengers: Endgame" yet. Just in his first film, Lang started out as a deadbeat dad whose daughter and ex-wife now lives with another man. But because of his ingenious skills and adventurous spirit, he's able to save the day and still form a relationship with his own daughter. Not to mention don one of the sickest suits in comic book history! 

Star Wars: A New Hope

A poor peasant boy who eventually saves the princess? Yup, sounds about the quintessential underdog movie to me. That's why Star Wars: A New Hope is still a big classic among old and new fans today. To quote Mark Hamill himself, "It's not sci-fi, it's a fairytale," and it's one of the best the movies have ever seen. It's a different take on the classic underdog story, but the lessons and the adventures are all still there. And before you brush this off as another cake-topper bulls**t Hollywood creation, know that this film launched a franchise the likes of which Tinsel Town has never seen nor will ever see again! 

The Big Lebowski

Admit it, as much as you love 'The Dude,' he was a bit of a loser, wasn't he? But he was the best kind of loser who took control of his own life and was optimistic all throughout the film. In a way, he made me, and most likely you too, feel like the losers. And that's when you know this is a great underdog film. It's one thing for this kind of movie to inspire you to be better, it's a whole other thing when it actually makes you see that the way you've been living your life was never the best way at all! Live your best life, man! 

When you’re feeling like a loser, watch any or all of these films to remind you that there’s no such thing! 

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