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Just How Cool Is Ed Norton?

I find Edward Norton as one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood history. He is extremely talented and should be in a lot more films than he is now. But even though he doesn't boast a series of superhero films that top the box office, he's had a great career that actors in such films can only dream of. And the best part? He's a really cool guy! 

I remember interviewing him one time for a feature I was doing in for a modest lifestyle website. The article was all about great actors and he was definitely on the top of my list. At first, I was even shocked that he agreed to meet me, a writer from a startup website, to chat about his career. He, an Academy Award-nominated actor, wanted to meet up with me, a nobody from an unknown publication. That should already tell you just how cool the guy is. 

And so we met up at a small cafe in Downtown LA and he talked about his career. He mostly chatted about the roles that made as big an impact on his personal life as it did on the audiences. One like Derek Vinyard in "American History X.' He confessed that before taking on that role, he was never really aware of his own white privilege. That he, as many within his race have also, taken advantage of it. When I asked did he ever think that the Oscar should have gone to him for that performance, he chuckled no. 

And so, after about two hours of an interview, I suddenly remembered that I got my "American History x" movie posters in my car. Sheepishly, I asked if he could sign it, as I've already gotten some of his castmates to sign them too. "Well, if they already did, it's only fitting that I do too," he said. And when he saw how many copies I had, his eyes widened followed with a sigh of a "Wow!" Still, he kindly signed all of them. 

What did I tell you? A cool and classy dud through and through. Hollywood, you have a gem there! Don't forget about him! 


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