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Getting Up Close and Personal with American Gangsters

American Gangsters will always be one of my favorite films. Not only because it's such a great story, but also because the actors are gangsters themselves! Denzel Washington? Gangster! Russel Crowe? Gangster! Hell, even Thanos himself, Josh Brolin, was in this movie! These are the best of the best in Hollywood, and you know I got their autographs on the posters! But meeting them was like actually meeting a bunch of real-life gangsters. 

At the premiere of the movie, you'd think these actors will just smile and nod and kiss ass to fans. Not these gangsters! They knew they were cool and they let us fans know. Most notably was Denzel Washington. One of the finest actors ever, he's also one of the nicest. When he went up to me and my friend, both of us holding like three to four posters each, he signed each and every one. "Yo whatcha doin' to me man? I'm tired. Haha! But it's alright! I hope you enjoy the movie" he quipped as he signed everything. 

Then came Russel Crowe, standing tall and proud as if he won an Oscar yet again. He came over and was his usual polite self. It often shocks me that he still has his Australian twang, he can do American accents so well! "Hey, how you guys doin'? Enjoying the night?" he asked while he signed our posters. I don't remember if we ever answered him nor did he even care if we answered or nor. We were just astonished being in the presence of Spartacus! And then, he did one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Right beside my buddy and I was a hot girl. Crowe, the smooth ladykiller that he is, gave her a little wink and slowly walked away. I think the girl might have even fainted. 

Josh Brolin, at the time, was a young up-and-comer. He wasn't Thanos yet, but he knew he was cool already. He signed all of our posters, gave us big grins all around, and posed for the cameras. Standard, and slightly underwhelming after Washington and Crowe. But the fact that he's still this humble after being in the biggest movie of 2019 (and perhaps in the history of cinema), I just had to shout that out! He clearly deserves all the success he's getting! 

Hollywood has its fair share of gangsters. I’m just really fortunate I was able to meet some of them! 


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