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Joaquin Phoenix Wasn't Joking Around When He Signed My Joker Poster

It's always weird seeing serious actors take on comic book-based roles. But there's one specific role that Oscar award-winning actors not only take on, but one of them has actually won an Oscar for portraying it: Joker. 

There's just something about this character that many incredible actors have done justice. But out of all the talented men who've portrayed him, both on the big and small screens, Joaquin Phoenix's recent performance blew me away! Watching from the trailers alone, and knowing how incredibly talented this actor is, I just knew that his Joke would be amazing. And so I had to have his autograph on my movie posters. 

Thank God I got the opportunity when I was able to sneak into Jimmy Kimmel's late-night talk show. I knew he'd stop by there to promote the movie and I made sure I'd get tickets on that exact show. Kimmel's studio is just along Hollywood blvd, near where I live in LA, so I didn't have that much trouble getting into it. But then, there's having to approach the man himself. What would I say to this acclaimed actor who's now portraying one of my most favorite comic book characters of all time? 


Well, as it turns out, I became a bit of a joker myself. Which many might think is a good thing, but after not when you realize that while actors are all smiley during the interview, they're not really in a joking mood after. And so, when he stopped to meet fans outside the studio, he was nice and polite, but he was also tired. And it didn't help I asked him to sign five copies of the same movie poster. 

Trying to make light of the awkward situation, I tried to joke about how he transformed himself in the movie. The stare he gave me let me know that he was not amused. Don't get me wrong, Phoenix is not a self-absorbed prick (I should know, I've met a lot of them in Hollywood). But it was clear from the moment he stepped off Kimmel's set that he wasn't in the mood to socialize with fans, but was polite enough to do so. So I gotta give him credit for being a good sport for me. 


As for the rest of the cast, I got their autographs during the Hollywood premiere. Yes, even the great Robert De Niro's, who remains, to this day, one of the nicest stars I've ever met! 


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