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James Bond Really Is Handsome in Person!

Back when he was first cast in the iconic role, I've always thought that Daniel Craig didn't suit James Bond. Though he had the acting chops for it, I just didn't think he had the charisma of his predecessors. I enjoyed his Bond films, yes, but I always felt off seeing him as the world-famous spy. 

This was, until, I actually met the guy in person. With the help of my friend, who has connections in Hollywood, he got me a pass to see the red carpet premiere of "Skyfall" and see the stars themselves. I went with a stack of movie posters so that I can get their autograph. This was my first time attending such an event and it was absolutely exciting. Though I was also still nervous because I was already disappointed with Craig on screen, if I'll feel the same way in real life, that would have ruined his Bond films for me. 

So thank goodness that he not only win me over, he exceeded my expectations. I honestly expected him to look like this wonky blonde British guy who only had charisma on-screen. But no! He was oozing with so much sex appeal in real life. The way he squinted his eyes, stood firmly to pose for the cameras, and ther deliciously posh accent. I now understood why he not only became Bond, but also why Rache Weisz—one of my favorite actresses—married him. 

In fact, all of the cast of "Skyfall" looked amazing. Dame Judi Dench was the image of elegance on the red carpet. Ralph Fiennes, on the other hand, had this gentlemanly aura about him that really captivated me. Naomie Harris was sexy, but had a sophisticated kind of sexy that's not your typical Bond girl. And Ben Wishaw was simply adorable. They all signed my posters and even took some selfies with Harris and Wishaw! 

From beginning as a hater to now one of his biggest fans, I do hope Daniel Craig remains as James Bond for many years to come. He's now the new benchmark of a good Bond for me, so anyone who's coming after him has some big shoes to fill! 


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