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Getting Tony Stark's Signature is The Highlight of My Life!!!

By Clark Yang

Wazzup fellow Marvel fanboys!! Got another story for ya!! This time it's all about how I got Tony Stark's autograph on my Iron Man poster. Yep, you read that’s right folks!!! THE RDJ signed my copies of the original Iron Man poster (you know, the one with Luscious Lyon still on it!!—if y'all don't get the reference, get the fu** outta here!!!)

So, let's pump the breaks here and start with some context! My sis and her friends already got the autographs of the rest of the cast when they attended the premiere back in 2008. I was too young then, so I wasn't part of the game yet! But through time, the old broad got tired and pissed about missing RDJ all the time during major events. And so when I told her I was going to the San Diego Comic-Con in 2012, I promised I'd finally get him for her!

At first my sis thought I was bulls**ting her, but nahh! I ain't that type of punk!! When I say I'm going to get a celebrity's autograph, you bet ya a** I'll get it! But even though I wasn't sure he was going to be there, I didn't my sister to think I was a wimp. Luckily for me, he did attend that year! Remember his ICONIC surprise entrance where he went out like the boss that he is? Yup, I was in the crowd that day!

I'll never forget that moment!! He was effing Iron Man in the flesh!! He WAS (and is) Tony Stark. No other actor can ever take on this role like him. He was confident and cool, a true Alpha male!! So you kow I had to have his autograph. I idolized the dude for years! I went in line, waited for about an hour and a half (boy, some of my fellow Marvel geeks take up so much time! God!!) and I finally got to meet him. I don't remember what he said, all I know is that he signed all my posters and was the coolest dude I ever met!

Getting his autograph was definitely a highlight! I no longer cared about my sister at that point! All I could think of was that I met Iron Man!! 


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