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Acting as The Guardian for the Guardian of The Galaxy Cast

By Pete Simmons

Being a veteran has given me lots of perks. Not just on discounts and priority lines in airports and Disneyland, but also as an autograph-hound. Even though I often attend red carpet events and comic-cons like your every day fanboy, I've also worked on some film sets and on other events A-list stars attend. And once, I worked a security guard for the cast of "Guardians of The Galaxy!" 

Yep, how I got Starlord's, Gomorrah's, Drax's, Rocket Raccoon's, and Groot's autographs was being their guardian during their press tour. Funny, isn't it? My cousin, who works for Marvel Studios, got me a gig to help get these celebrities from one interview to another. And let me tell you, that wasn't easy. It was through this gig that I learned just how damn crazy the media is, and these actors face grueling days interviews. Sure, it wasn't exactly like what I faced in Afghanistan, but even I felt exhausted at the end of the day! 

Fortunately, the stars were good sports too. There were some diva moments—and I ain't telling who they were—but overall, they kept their cool. And usually, when they've gotten a bite to eat, that when they'll finally be in a good mood. But still, I didn't risk embarrassing myself in front of these movie stars by randomly asking for their autographs. I had my own plan, and it involved my cousin too. 

Initially, I asked her if she could get the autographs for me for all ten of my copies. But since it was a tiring day for all of us (she joined in the press tour too), she only agreed to do half. And so during a long break in-between interviews, she asked them to sign five of my posters, telling them that they'll be part of some promo the studios are doing. So that's five down, five more to go.

I attempted to ask them int the middle of the day a few times, but I couldn't' get the nerve to do it! I know, you must be thinking how can a US veteran be too chicken to approach a couple of celebrities!? But seriously, I didn't want to disrespect them. A lot of them were my idols, and Dave Bautista was a former WWE wrestler, for crying out loud! He could've knocked me out if he wanted too! And so, for a time, it seemed that I wouldn't have my posters signed. That is until the day was over. 

When the cast was all done with their interviews, they all thanked us volunteer bodyguards for that day. When it was my turn, I didn't pass up the opportunity to let them sign all five of my remaining copies. Thankfully, they happily obliged! 

See? With a little patience and strategic timing, you can get a celebrity's autograph just as easily as I did! 


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