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Getting The Courage to Watch "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark" Two Times

As a huge horror fan, I've seen a couple of thrillers in my time. But dang! I didn't expect "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark" to be that scary! 

Before it officially premiered, I was one of a lucky select few to have gotten a preview and it was crazy! I screamed my lungs out and spilled my popcorn all over myself in one scene. So when I was also invited for the red carpet premiere of the film, I made it my mission to get the cast's autograph! 

The cast doesn't have that many big names, but their talents more than make up for it! I won't be surprised that soon, these actors will become Hollywood A-listers! One of the young leads, Zoe Colletti, drew my breath away with her performance. I've never been more terrified at a teenaged girl since I was in my early teens. And she's a sweetheart too. When I asked for her autograph, she couldn't believe it. I told her that she should expect it since this movie, or hopefully, another performance of hers will catapult her to fame. 

Gabriel Rush is also one to watch. I liked him in the CW series, "Gotham," but here, it's one of his best performances to date. He, too, was incredibly humble that I wanted his autograph. And similarly, with Colletti, I assured him that he'll be asked more for years to come. Gil Bellows, on the other hand, was a sight for sore eyes! I haven't seen the guy since his days in "Ally McBeal." I was especially glad to have had his autograph, especially since he killed it in his role as the Police Chief. He needs to be in more movies asap! Hollywood, make it happen! 

To anyone who's reading this, do yourself a favor and watch  "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark." As a matter of fact, do it two times as I did! Just remember to bring an extra pair of underwear!


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