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Dreaming of Christmas with Tim Burton

If not for just one movie, it's almost hard to associate Tim Burton with Christmas. The quirky and highly stylistic director is almost synonymous with Halloween, mostly because his signature style comes out as creepy and eerie, even when it's for children. But because of "The Nightmare Before Christmas," he's now linked to the holidays as well. 

In fact, when I met him, it was the holidays. You'd never imagine seeing your favorite director while you're Christmas shopping, but that's one of the perks of living in LA. You never know who you're going to bump into when doing everyday errands. I personally don't know what he was doing that day, however, I was so lucky that I had the posters in my car at that time. Well, it's for these exact reasons why I keep them there. Again, you never know who you'll meet wherever you go in the "City of Angels."  

Not caring how I might humiliate myself, I approached him politely and greeted him "Merry Christmas!" He greeted me back and asked, "How are you?" To which I replied that I was fine and confessed that I'm a huge fan of his. Taking the risk, I got the posters out of my bag and asked him to sign. Fortunately, he was in a good mood at the time, so he signed each and every one. It was the proudest moment in my autograph hounding life! 

The movie might have been entitled "The Nightmare Before Christmas," but meeting Tim Burton that Christmas was certainly a dream come true! 


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