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An Elegant Evening with 007

You know what I love most about red carpet events? The glamour of it all. Everyday life has become so banal lately that I appreciate it when there's one night that people get to dress up and show off style and sophistication. Especially here in the fashionable capital city of London! 

Since it's a major city, red carpet events are a dime a dozen here. But as compared to when I was still living in the States, they're actually elegant affairs here. Whereas in Hollywood, red carpet events have become kinda casual or even too party vibes lately, here they're still elegant and fashionable. I realized this when I attended the red carpet premiere of the James Bond film, "Quantum of Solace" with my new British friends. I was so surprised at how well the stars dressed and looked so elegant on the red carpet. They really do things differently on this side of the pond. 

For one thing, Daniel Craig was in a suit, not jeans and a collared shirt. Oh yes, some American stars have actually started wearing those types of outfits on the red carpet. But not 007 himself. Staying true to the legacy of the character, Craig looked as dapper as ever in his tailored suit. And his signature smize? Killer! 

As did this installment's Bond girl, Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko. I honestly think Russian women are all supermodels because this star certainly looked like one! And she was dressed to the nines, not just in a sparkly mini dress and high heels. She actually looked sophisticated enough to stand side by side with her icon of a co-star Judi Dench. 

While I reveled at the pageantry of it all, I didn't forget why I was there in the first place. Even though I moved to London, I didn't forget that I was still an autograph hound. So I brought along a few copies of the movie's posters and got the cast to sign each one. And even then, they still did it more elegantly than American stars. They weren't rude about it, they smiled at me, and some even thanked me afterward. Perhaps it was their accents or something but hounding for autographs here is definitely different than doing it in the States. 

I do hope you appreciate all of these signed posters. While I enjoyed that elegant night immensely, it was still a lot of work. I had to fend off fans and photographers to get these stars' attention and it wasn't easy considering my competition had better accents than me! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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