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A Trip To "La La Land"

I was never one to take a trip outside of my hometown but there was one movie that made me do it. A stunning masterpiece of modern cinema that, in my opinion, deserves more praise than it has gotten. That movie was "La La Land." And I went to the place where it is! 


I've been a fan of movies all my life but it was "La La Land" that really made me want to go to Hollywood. Not because I want to be an entertainer myself just like the characters in the film, but because I wanted to meet the actors. Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, John Legend, and more! I've also been a fan of the Stone-Golsling tandem since "Crazy Stupid Love" but since, that year, they were nominated at the Oscars, I figured there'd be no other place to see them than there! Especially after I missed the premiere a few months back. 


For those who don't know, you can actually watch the pre-ceremony red carpet event at the Oscars as an official audience. There are even seats and places where you can interact with the stars. My sister, who moved to Los Angeles right after high school, has been a regular at the Oscars since then. I asked her if I could go with her the year "La La Land" was nominated and she said yes. It was my first time traveling interstate and going to Hollywood so it was exciting. But, of course, the most exciting part was meeting the stars! 


Ryan Gosling really is a handsome man. I keep thinking of Emma Stone's funny line in "Crazy Stupid Love," "Are you kidding? It's like you're photoshopped!" Lol! No other phrase could ever be more accurate to describe Gosling! He was so damn handsome I heard my heart skip a beat, and I'm a straight guy (at least, I think am? lol!). Anyways, despite his swag and sex appeal, he was actually generous with his autographs. He signed me and my sister's copies of the movie poster. Well, at least he signed mine. I was never sure if my sister stopped squealing long enough to have asked for his autograph. 


The beautiful Emma Stone, on the other hand, looked like a doll. Now I'm sure my heart did skip a beat when I first saw her in person. She was dressed in gold, her red hair standing out—she was just ethereal! You honestly couldn't tell that behind that glamorous movie star face is a raspy voice and goofy personality that's so charming. She, like Gosling, signed most of our posters. It was the first time (and the only time since then) that I got an Academy Award-winning actress's autograph. Though, of course, at the time, she hadn't won yet! It was later that night that she did! 


I eventually got the other cast members' autographs too! Everything felt like a dream that night. Man, La La Land really is a place that's far from any other! I felt like I was on a different planet at that time. Let alone a different state! 


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