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A Night Out With The Best Girlfriends Ever

A couple of years back, when I heard that they'd be doing a "Sex And The City" movie, I screamed to the high heavens! That show changed my life in more ways than one. It was my solace, my escape, and my sanctuary back when I, myself, was a single girl in a big city. 


I figured that, surely, the movie will have its own red carpet premiere in New York City. The city itself was practically the fifth girlfriend in the show. So yours truly packed her bags and traveled all the way to the big apple to be able to meet Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte in person. I mean, these ladies helped me through my single girl years. They taught me everything I wanted (not necessarily needed, lol!) to know about sex, relationships, and love. Of course, I had to pat reverence to them! 


So that I can get their autographs, I acquired a few copies of the series poster. It was a shame that I couldn't get my hands on the movie poster at the time but that didn't stop me! I just wanted their autographs no matter what. I had a couple of my own real-life girlfriends come with me and we made it into a girls’ trip on our own. We booked a room at the Plaza, went for cocktails at night shopped will we dropped—it was the ultimate SATC experience! Then, the big night came! 


I will never forget that night. Everyone looked so glamorous, so beautiful, and very much like how they looked on-screen. As I expected, Sarah Jessica Parker was the star that night! I mean, she is the star of the show! It was only natural that she was the best-dressed out of all of them! This isn't to say that the other three women didn't look great, they did! But seeing SJP in that silver gown gave major Old Hollywood vibes to me. And despite all the hullaballoo that surrounded her, she was nice enough to approach fans. IT was then that I got her to sign my posters. And she didn't just sign one copy, she signed most of what I had! 


Cynthia Nixon then followed suit. I always pegged her as the nicest cast member of the show. Or at least, the kindest among the four leading ladies. She looked so chic with her red hair and white dress. Just like the goddess that she truly is! Like SJP, she signed many of our posters as well. In fact, she may have been the only one out of the four who signed all of them. She really is the best woman of them all! 


Who comes next? Why, Charlotte, of course! Looking so elegant in her golden frock, she was as charming as ever. I think, out of the four, Kristin Davis was probably the most like her character. Her look, her demeanor, and her innate elegance screamed "Charlotte" from head to toe! And when she was signing our posters, she had a huge smile on her face! I figured Charlotte would be this charming if she was approached by a stranger too! 


As for Kim Catrall, wearing silver was more than appropriate. She was, after all a silver fox! Not that she has silver hair or anything, but that she was a true-blue foxy woman who looked good in her tight silver dress! She was a bombshell all the way. It was almost intimidating to ask for her autograph but we did it anyway. Fortunately, she happily obliged us and we completed our mission of having all SATC ladies autographs! It was the perfect end to an amazing night! 


I hope the Sex And The City threequel will finally happen! I get that there's a lot of drama behind-the-scenes but these girls deserve one final run on the screen! In any case, at least I was still able to get their autographs! Love them forever! 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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