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A Patriotic Push in the Cinemas

I'm not a pro-military girl. Some might refer to me as a "liberal hippie" or any of that politically derogatory crap names people throw around these days. However, as irony would have it, I married a military guy. And when we watched the movie, "The Kill Team," together, for a moment, I became pro-military too. 

Many people from my side of the spectrum would deem the movie as "propaganda," and, let's be honest here, there's some truth to that. But for me, it was more of a patriotic push rather than shoving it down our throats. The film was raw and real, and based on my veteran husband's reactions to it, it showed accurate depictions of military life. He almost had fits of PTSD watching it on the big screen. In the end, though, both of us loved it. Even me, which was a complete shock to both of us. 

My husband loved it so much that he actually went with me to the red carpet premiere of the movie. We saw it in a special preview reserved for veterans and their families. But being the autograph hound that I am, I just had to go to the premiere to get the cast's autographs. Especially Alexander Skarsgård and Nat Wolff. Both were extraordinary in it. And truth be told, Skarsgård's is one of my absolute faves! 

On the big night, it was such a joyous occasion. Both I and my husband couldn't wait to see the movie again, and like the nerds that we are, we couldn't wait for the other people who hadn't seen the film yet to see it too. We also geeked out at the stars walking on the red carpet. I swooned so hard at Skarsgård that my hubby almost got pissed. What can I say? The man's got a hell of a charm on him. And his looks don't hurt either! 

Meanwhile, my husband praised Nat Wolff to the highest of heavens. He said his portrayal of a young sergeant in the movie was so good, he should win the Oscar for it. Personally, I wouldn't go that far, but he really was great in the film. Even though he was years younger than both of us, we still felt starstruck meeting him. That's how much his performance affected us both! 

For those of you out there in need of a reminder of why our country is great, this film is the way to go! Even the most liberal, anti-establishment hippies such as myself would agree that this movie deserves five stars! 


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