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A Movie Any Dog Lover Should See!

Dog films have been a dime a dozen but some stay in your heart more than others. As a dog lover, I love these films, but seeing people—even those who are afraid of dogs—fall in love with the creatures on-screen, it brings me such joy. And for those of you itching to find the next dog movie hit, take a look at "The Great Alaskan Race." 

Sure, the premise of huskies racing amidst the harsh Alaskan weather to save the day seems over and done with, but this film has a lot of heart. So much so that my good friend Gina, who's terrified of dogs, fell in love with canines after we watched the movie. It wasn't easy dragging her to the cinema to watch a film filled with what she has called "Satan's creatures," but after a lot of convincing (and bribery) she surrendered. And in the end, she now calls them "four-legged angels." Particularly huskies, which were prominent in the movie. 

Gina really loved the film. I can't quite stress this enough. She a few weeks later, she told me she had seen the film again for about three or four times. She even bought new husky puppies, which was a huge overstep on her part because when they arrived, she sudden;y realized she's not fully over her fear of dogs. I had to take care of them for about a month. Now, however, she's fine with them and they're totally inseparable.

But beyond her newfound love for canines, Gina also sent one of the most loving fan letters I've ever read to the filmmakers of "The Great Alaskan Race." In the letter, she expressed how much the film touched her, particularly on a personal level.  I should note that Gina is from Alaska, so that's also a reason for her devotion to the film. And as it turned out, she used to love dogs befoe she became terrified of them. It was just that her grandmother's husky bit her when she was six. But after having watched the movie, she regained her love for the animal and all is well. 

To our complete surprise, the cast and crew wrote back. They told her that they all felt emotional reading the letter. They were so touched that, at the very least, one person had this huge effect on her life because of their movie. And as gratitude, they sent her a couple of the movie's posters with the cast's autographs on it. 

As grateful as she is for them, Gina only wanted one and had it framed. She gave the rest to me and now they're all here. So, more than just these amazing signed posters, if you're a dog lover—or even a dog hater—this film is a must! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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