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'The Boss' Still Got It!

Some legends never die! People say that it's better for icons to die young to preserve their legacy, but there are those whose talents and artistry transcend age and time. Bruce Springsteen, 'The Boss,' is one such icon. if there's any proof that this man still deserves our love and reverence, it's his concert film, "Western Stars." 

Having been a Springsteen fan all my life, I got a front-row seat at the cinema when it first premiered. It was everything I ever remembered and wanted from a Bruce Springsteen concert. He played most of his new songs from his latest album of the same name, but also laid out his classic hits for us old fans. I got goosebumps all around watching the film. Especially when he played his older classics. People around me would sing along and cheer as if we were all in the stadium with him that night. I'm sure that was the idea of the movie in the first place. 

A few days after, I couldn't get the movie and 'The Boss' out of my mind. I would suddenly burst out singing his songs in whatever I was doing. Whether I was at work or on the toilet, I'd just suddenly sing his hits. when it got a bit too unbearable, my son bought me tickets to his latest concert in a nearby town. Apart from being my birthday gift, he made me promise not to sing in the bathroom if he gave it to me. Of course, he knew that would never happen, but the thought was sweet anyways. 

With my darlin' wife of 34 years, we went off to see 'The Boss' live that night. And you know what? He's even better live! His songs, both new and old, sounded better live than through music player and on film. It was then that I remembered, again, that he really is an icon. 

After the concert, my wife and I bought multiple posters of "Western Stars" and went in line at his meet-and-greet. When we met him, we were both so flustered we could hardly speak. He even laughed at us a little, which I didn't care. When we finally got words to come out of our stupid mouths, we asked him for his autograph on our posters and, what the kids would say, a "selfie." He happily obliged, of course, because that's the kind of stand up guy he is!  

Every Bruce Springsteen fan should watch this concert film. You ain't a true fan if you don't! And for an added bonus, every true and real an of 'The Boss' should buy a copy of this signed poster! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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