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 A Match Made in "Notting Hill"

I've said this once and I'll say it again: they don't make rom-coms like they used to! In fact, I'll go as far as to say that the chick flicks these days aren't all romantic, funny, and good. They're cheesy, cringe-worthy, with consulted plots and shallow lines. I long to see a movie that can equal my personal favorite, "Notting Hill." 

Right from the get-go, I knew that "Notting Hill" would be a hit. Heck, even before it premiered, I already knew I was gonna love it! How? Because of the two leads! I mean, at the time, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant were the king and queen of rom-coms! Theirs weren't just romantic and funny, but also heart-wrenching with great pacing and memorable zingers! "I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." Damn! Who wouldn't remember such a line!? To this day, it remains my favorite movie quote ever! 

Also, I was lucky enough to have met both Hollywood giants during the actual premiere of the film. I was studying in London at the time and my friend scored tickets to it so, of course, I went! And yes, this was the premiere when Julia Roberts revealed her hairy armpits to the world. I didn't see it myself even when she was right in front of me but I also applauded her for that! Anyways, with our luck, we got the two stars to sign our posters. 

Hugh Grant was the first one we saw. He was there with the beautiful Elizabeth Hurley and we were just so starstruck but how glamorous they both looked. They almost looked intimidating in a way but when we asked for his autograph, he was a perfect gentleman. With his suave posh British accent, he got my and my friend's panties in a knot! No wonder the likes of Hurley and Roberts seemed to enjoy making love to him! 

As for his leading lady, Roberts was every bit the sweetheart in person as she is on screen. She looked beautiful in her mini dress and seemed so fresh, even though both the fans and the media were in a frenzy about her all night. It would be easy to think that she'd fake her smiles just to persevere with these sorts of things but, seeing her in person, I don't know. I could tell her smiles were genuine. That there was nothing fake about her as she interacted with fans, posed for the cameras, and gave interviews. If she was faking it that night, it only confirmed to me how good of an actress she really is! 

All in all, even though we only got the two main lead's autographs, they were enough! The movie, itself, was enough too! The perfect rom-com of my generation! Now, Hollywood, I'm waiting for another of its caliber! It's been years already! 



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