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The Strongest Women I've Ever Met!

Do you have a movie that simply makes you cry no matter how many times you've seen it? Or that always inspires you to do your best despite the cliche? I have! Ever since I first watched "Steel Magnolias," I’ve always wanted to deepen my relationship with my mom and other women.

Truth be told, I think the women in "Steel Magnolias" are the strongest I've ever met, both in film and in real life. They're all just so inspiring, taking authority on their own lives whether it be love, social status, and the like. And in a time when youth was the best weapon a woman could have, they didn't let their ages stand them down! Of course, the movie wouldn't be what it was if not for the stellar cast of actresses that took on the roles. I mean, Julia Roberts? Sally Fields? Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, and Dolly Parton? Wowie! 

A cast of legendary women, it's no wonder this movie became an instant classic! It still baffles me how it didn't get as many awards as it ought to have. The acting here was superb! Not to mention the design, makeup, and whatnot! Oh well! Perhaps I'll never understand Hollywood's standards. If it were up to me, all actresses in the movie would, at least, get nominated for Academy Awards! 

Nevertheless, their greatest achievement was inspiring a whole generation of women to take charge of their own lives and support each other. I can't tell you how often I've gotten so moved by this movie. And when I look back to the moment I actually met the cast in person, tears well up inside me! 

I remember it was during a rare, exclusive reunion event held somewhere in Hollywood. My friend became a big shot in show business and since she knew how much I loved the film, he invited me along. Though I did promise her I'd do my best not to embarrass her, I couldn't help it! I brought along some copies of the movie poster and made it my mission to get them signed by the legends I'd met at this event. "Okay, just don't be so embarrassing about it!" she said. Well, I did the best I could. 

It's just that, when you're meeting the likes of Julia Roberts, Sally Fields, and Shirley McClaine, and you remember their heart-wrenching performances in "Steel Magnolias" and their other films, you can't help but well up! I think some tears did eventually fall when I finally got a chance to meet them, but for the most part, I held it in. Fortunately, the actresses themselves were so pleasant. Even though they were some of the most legendary icons in Hollywood today, they were all so approachable and nice. It was really as if they were simply the ladies in the beauty salon in the movie! Albeit more distinguished! 

Roberts really is sunshine in human form, you could see that iconic smile from a mile away. Fields is the best mother figure, both in movies and in real life. McClaine was a firecracker through and through, you could tell she has a fun personality even by just interacting with her for a few minutes. Parton was (and still is) the nicest celebrity I've ever met. And Dukakis? Big pu**y energy all throughout! These women really were steel magnolias. Their presence and energy in person were electrifying. 

I'm so fortunate to have gotten their autographs. These are ones I'll always cherish, just like how I treasure the movie in my life! 

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