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30 janv. 2023

My Luckiest Day with A Rockstar

It's crazy how makeup and the right attitude can change a man. For years, I've listened to, in my opinion, the most i...

23 janv. 2023

Is Beyonce Even Human!?

You guys! I met Beyonce and wow! Is she even human!? Like, I expected her to be beautiful and all but damn! The woman...

17 janv. 2023

The Green Lanterns Glows on The Red Carpet

While most people know Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, I'm old enough to remember him as the Green Lantern. Was he good at...

1 déc. 2022

Firemen Really Know How To Keep It Hot!

There really is something so sexy about firemen. I'm not one to sexually fantasize about certain professions myself b...

23 nov. 2022

The Man With The "Million Dollar Arm"

Disney really is all about inspiring movies. From their animated classics to their live-action films, they never fail...

15 nov. 2022

I'll Always "Remember The Titans"

The 90s and early 2000s were an era of inspirational period films. "Dead Poets Society," "Mona Lisa Smile," and more....

3 nov. 2022

A Galaxy of Stars in "Jupiter Ascending"

Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne, and Douglas Booth? Yes, please! Who'd have thought that "Jupiter Ascendin...

19 oct. 2022

The Most Memorable "Days of Thunder" 

Out of all the great movies Tom Cruise starred in, it's a shame that a gem like "Days of Thunder" is virtually forgot...

13 oct. 2022

A Killer Actress Through and Through

Charlize Theron! Just hearing her name would give you the image of a strong, independent woman. Though many would adm...

5 oct. 2022

It's Always About "The Associate"

As socially conscious people are now these days, I've always thought that movies from the 80s and 90s delivered bette...

27 sept. 2022

I Definitely Love This Movie! No Maybe's!

I really appreciate it when movies tend to give a  few little twists here and there. Take "Definitely, Maybe" for ins...

20 sept. 2022

The Best Unlikely Pairing In The Movies 

Johnny Depp, famous for his quirky roles and kooky characters. Armie Hammer, a beautiful man of chestnut brown hair a...
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