The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving

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We all have that one special gift that just keeps on giving. A special present that you never realized just how much you can benefit from. Well, I recently received one from my old man from beyond the grave. Little did I know I'd benefit a lot from them! 

Y'all may be wondering now, what is this special gift that my dad sent me beyond the grave? Well, before I reveal it, I'll provide some context. You see, my dad and I loved a lot of things together. We loved Football, barbecuing on weekends, and watching "Rocky" films. A lot of his passions he passed down to me when I was becoming a man. And now that I have my own family, I feel as if I stepped onto his big shoes. But out of all the things we liked in common, watching "Rocky" films was probably the best. And he knew that I knew it too!

And so, when I turned 40, a few years after my old man had passed, a package was sent to my home. In it was a letter my dad wrote in his last days. It said all of what he mostly told me when he was leaving—that he loved me, he was proud of the man I had become, and that he was sorry he couldn't spend more time to see his grandkids grow up. However, what really choked me up was his last line that said, "I think you'll like these! They're from a dear old friend of ours." And in the package was a stack of "Rocky Balboa" movie posters signed by the cast of the film. 

The "old friend," of course, being Sylvester Stallone. I'll never forget how much we enjoyed watching 'Rocky' work hard and beat the crap out of his opponents. And hew knew how much I enjoyed "Rocky Balboa" so for him to have given me copies of the movie's poster really touched me. 

Now, the reason why I think this was a gift that kept on giving was all the compliments I got when people would see the poster framed on my wall. And whenever I'd tell the story of how my dad left them for me, I'd get the oooh's, ahhh's, and aww's. It's often conversation gold! 

And now, I share them with all of you. Not just to earn a quick buck (though I'm not gonna lie, it truly helps!), but also to give a piece of Rocky to all you diehard fans out there! Especially to those who have a special place in their hearts for this movie as I do! 

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