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Such Sparkling Vampires!

Who could ever forget the phenomenon that was the "Twilight" series? It was the most hyped movie franchise of its time, with its lead stars gaining instant fame, fan wars popping up left and right, and a whole new trend centered on vampires. I, myself, was quite the fan of it too! 

Insult my taste if you must but I won't deny it. I loved the "Twilight" series. Yes, they were cheesy, some were cringy, and because of it, I now see vampires in a totally different light. But I don't care. During a rather dark time in my past, reading the books and watching the movies gave me some solace. How could I not love it? Because of it, I had something to look forward to and it gave me a brighter life. Even today, despite knowing better, I still like the "Twilight" movies.

Well, it also helped that, when the first movie premiered, I was there to get the cast's autographs. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience with my uncle, who got the tickets to the premiere in the first place. As you'd expect, we fans were screaming and screeching every time a cast member walked out on the red carpet. We weren't even familiar with them at the time yet we couldn't contain our excitement. From all the trailers and clips we've seen thus far, standing right in front of us were Bella, Edward, and Jacob! Fans were still nice to each other since the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob fan wars hadn't started yet back then. 

Although my uncle and I managed to get as many cast members as we could to sign the movie posters we brought, the only ones that really mattered to me were the three main leads. I was most transfixed with Robert Pattinson, 'Edward Cullen' himself. Beforehand, I couldn't help but imagine how handsome and sexy Edward would be. Almost like I didn't want him to be played by anyone just so I can keep this fantasy all to myself. But when I saw Pattinson right in front of me, it really dawned on me that the movie helped make 'Edward' a reality. And yes, I fell even more in love with both of them! It didn't help that Pattinson had that gentlemanly British charm too! 

As for 'Bella,' or rather, Kristen Stewart, the girl is beautiful. She perfectly fits the name of the character and I couldn't have imagined a better actress for the role. Contrary to popular belief, Stewart is actually a nice and warm person. She smiled brightly as we asked for her autograph and she signed our posters without even hesitating. The same happened with Taylor Lautner too. He wasn't as buff then at the time so he still had that cheeky charm to him. And when he gave us his bright smile, it was the first time I got conflicted as to whether I liked Edward or Jacob more (I stayed neutral during the fan wars myself!). 

Anyway, regardless of how "Twilight" is viewed now, no one can deny the impact it has had on pop culture. These autographed posters stand proof that I got a taste of "Twilight" and will never forget it! 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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