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Celebrating The Icon Named Pink

Pink is an icon. It's too bad that many other pop stars and starlets have overshadowed her these past few years, but in the early 2000s, she was the badass rock diva everyone listened to. In my opinion, she's still great now, but I admit, she's not as famous as she used to be. 

And this is why I thought it was genius that they made a new documentary about here. "Pink: All I Know So Far" follows the pop/rock superstar as she embarked on her Beautiful Trauma World Tour. It's a beautiful look into her life, not just as a big-named artist, but also as a wife, mother, boss, and more. Personally, it made me appreciate Pink even more! I was already a huge fan of her prior to seeing the film, but afterward, I've become an even more devoted stan. She really is awesome, isn't she? 

No to brag or anything, but I've met Pink in person myself! It was at the premiere of the documentary and she, alongside her husband, made an appearance on the red carpet. She looked wonderful in her yellow gown which complimented her iconic bleach blonde hair. The proud smile on her face was proof that all of her hard work, both on the tour and on the documentary, paid off. And boy, did it ever! 

She was so very nice too! Like, I've always known she was a humble and approachable person but because of the rough image she projected to the public, I couldn't help but feel intimidated. I could barely ask her to sign posters of the documentary film myself. I was so nervous that I hardly remember what I said when she was standing right in front of me. But being the angel that she is, she said, "Do you want me to sign this, sweetie?" To which I nodded like a shy school girl in front of her crush. Well, I honestly did have a bit of a crush on Pink when I was growing up so it sort of felt like a full circle! Hahaha! 

Even when I could barely speak to her, she understood what I requested and signed the posters anyway. Mind you, she signed all of them too. There wasn't a single copy that didn't have her autograph. Can you say that your idol would do the same thing? Probably not, right? And this is why I stan Pink! 

I honestly hope that with this new documentary, more and more people will realize the greatness that is Pink. She needs to be on top again! In fact, she deserves it! 

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