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You Never Know Where You Find What You're Looking For!

Some of the best parts of life are its unpredictability. Sure, it's healthy to be organized and schedule how you want to live your life. But you also ahve to embrace and appreciate when it throws you a curveball. you never know you needed it until you actually see it for what it is! 

There was a time I didn't know what I wanted, but I knew something didn't feel right. It was when I just got into my now-favorite rock band, Pink Floyd. I was very young then, and before me, my dad loved Pink Floyd too. In fact, they were the first band that I really appreciated. My old man would play his CDs of them when I was growing up. And it was through him that I grew to love music more as an adult. 

Anyways, I remember back when I was 16. My dad was turning 50 that year. I myself would always rock out to Pink Floyd in my room. My mom would lose her head a lot of times, having been bombard with loud music from my room and from the den, where my dad's sound-system was. Anyways, I knew I was a fan but I didn't feel like I was. I had Pink Floyd CDs, but I didn't buy them on my own. A lot of them my dad just handed down to me. I wanted to own a piece of the band's memorabilia. My buddy Ken knew about this and helped me out. 

Ken's dad had a lot of business when we were growing up. He was this funny Japanese-American man who loved his Japanese side just as much as his American side. His business would often include Japanese things, from Anime toys, Manga comics, and even a sushi stall once. Anyways, when I stressed out to Ken that I didn't know what to buy for my dad on his 50th birthday, he led me to a secret shed. In it were the products of his dad's newest business endeavor: vintage items. One that he thought I'd like was a stack of old Pink Floyd posters, all of which, the band signed themselves! 

It was all that I ever wanted at the time. One would make a perfect gift for my old man, the other was finally a piece of memorabilia as solid proof that I am a Pink Floyd fan. But, of course, the stack was expensive. Ken's dad wouldn't let it go unless I bought all the posters. So I made a deal. I'd give a downpayment via all the extra allowance I saved up since middle school and I would work at the new vintage shop for the rest of the payment. A deal was made and I now had a whole stack of signed Pink Floyd posters all to myself. 

When I gave one to my dad, he was floored. I'll never forget his face when I opened my present. I had one framed just for him. Another, I stuck to my wall in my room, and I'll never forget how proud I felt when I did it too. 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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