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Wildin' Out At The Premiere of "Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle"

Yes, you read that right. I got a bit wild during the red carpet premiere of "Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle." But by wild, I meant drunk. The kind of drunkenness where you scream randomly and laugh uncontrollably at people passing by. Just my luck that the people passing by were Hollywood megastars. 

And yes, I know such behavior was completely inappropriate considering the movie is a family film. But in my defense—albeit pathetic defense—my boyfriend of 12 years just broke up with me. What hurt most was that it was a mutual decision. Had it been that he cheated on me, I think I would have only needed a couple of wild nights and I would have been over it. But now, we realized that we had one major difference that could not be solved by simply hearing each other out and compromising. No, this 'difference' was, unfortunately for us, beyond compromise. 

So, before going to the red carpet premiere of "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle"—which I had to attend cause I'm a complete freak and I'm serious autograph hound—I had to have a drink. But then I had one drink too many and I sought help from my good friends, Megan and Gabby, to help me survive the red carpet. 

When we went there, I came to the point of my intoxicated condition wherein I started yelling profusely. The good thing was everyone else was yelling cause it was premiere and fans were screaming for their favorite stars. The bad news, however, was that I was screaming nonsense. Complete and utter jibberish that the stars in front of me would have found me insane. I might have even shouted at my ex, even though he wasn't there. Thank God for my friends though, cause they inevitably took control of me. 

I was wild, yes, but they told me I didn't make a scene on the red carpet. Even as each of the main cast approached us, Megan got them to sign my posters while Gabby took pictures. Meanwhile, according to my two friends, I just smiled at them with a huge ass grin. Megan even said that I might have scared Alex Wolff. And when Karen Gillan asked Gabby why I was behaving the way I did, she replied that I was just a bit tipsy. The actress then giggled and I remember this myself because when she did that, I giggled too. But then my giggles descended into a fit of weird laughter. 

All in all, my friends not only kept control of me, but they were able to get all of my posters signed by the cast of the movie. So the moral of the story is to get yourselves a couple of Megan's and Gabby's. You never know how much they'll save your life! 


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