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Why Are The Gorillaz Still So Underrated?

Are people deaf? I'm genuinely concerned that most people on this planet might be deaf! If not, why haven't they realized the epicness that is the Gorillaz? For me, they've been the best band for quite a few decades now. And I've been nothing but proud to call myself a fan of theirs! 

You know that makes them epic, though? It's that they're great people. They're not complete a-holes like other bands of their stature. They actually care about their fans. They work hard to never let us down. And not once, have they ever done that! With every new album they make, they just keep getting better. Personally, their latest, "The Now Now," is one of my absolute favorites. It's probably in my top 3 favorites from them, including just after "Gorillaz" and "Demon Days." 

It's when I met them, however, did I really see just how awesome this band is. Sure, I've known they would kill their live performances. Almost all of my favorite bands do. But like I said, Gorillaz love their fans. They'd do practically anything we'd want (as long as, of course, it won't endanger them!). I know this to be 100% fact because I met them. I saw them live at a music festival two towns over from mine. 

After their performance, they held a small meet-and-greet for fans like me and I went straight to the front of the line. Whilst there, I laid down my copies of their "The Now Now" poster and they signed each one. Each of the members signed each of my posters. They didn't care that they were just all of the same copy. They also didn't miss one single poster. I'm sure if I asked that of other bands. they'd only sign one and be done with it. Especially if I asked them after a major performance. But Gorillaz? They don't play like that. 

And so, these are the markings of truly underrated artists. God, I wish they were more famous! But, on the upside, I get to enjoy them all by myself with a couple of my friends! It's never really a bad thing to be underrated. At least they're not overrated! 


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