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When Legends were Turned into Legos

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Damn! These animated featured are becoming more and more star-studded. Perhaps these A-list celebrities finally realized that lending their voices to these family movies are lucrative after all. Anyways, out of all the animated feature films made in the 21st century, none packed in as much star power as "The Lego Movie!" 

With Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks as the two leads, they had the likes of Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Will Ferrell, Anthony Daniels, Will Forte, and more! I mean, what a cast! It's like most of Hollywood stepped out and lent their voices for this movie. Once I read all these names on the movie's IMDB page, I just had to go to the premiere. There's no way I won't be getting these people's autographs on the poster! I gathered my team up and got them ready for a full red carpet event of autograph-hounding! 

And what a night it was! With just the four of us, we worked our butts off calling each and every celebrity over to have them sign our posters. I remember Dave Franco and Alison Brie were more than happy to give their autographs. So were Chris Pratt and Will Forte who, as I've heard from other autograph hounds, are always nice to fans. Liam Neeson ignored us a little bit but eventually signed our posters as well. I don't blame him though, having four grown adults screaming his name at the premiere of a kid's movie might have freaked them out. 

But when "God" himself came over and signed our posters, that's when I knew we accomplished our mission! He has the best voice in the movie (and, I'd argue, in Hollywood in general), that for him to do that was just everything! With so many stars we wanted to meet, meeting him made every second worth it! 

"The Lego Movie" has since become a huge favorite among kids and adults. This doesn't surprise me one bit! Just look at that cast! 

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