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What It's Like To Meet Legendary Gangsters!

Remembering New York Film Festival last September still gives me goosebumps! I mean, how could it now!? It was at that event where I met my heroes, idols, and all-time cinema kings! I saw, for the first time and in the flesh, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci! Legends, the lot of them!

There with my best friends, who themselves were also fans of these movie gangsters, we almost teared up seeing these legends up close, Mind you, we're a couple of stern-looking New Yorkers. The kind of guys they used to play in Scorcese and Ford-Coppola films. But right then and there, we all almost lost it. Al Pacino, Michael Corleone himself, was the first to approach us. I remember how raspy his voice sounded, and thought he'd play a great villain for a superhero movie someday.

Then came De Niro, who you just knew was a real tough guy. A buddy of mine, who worships the guy by the way, almost crapped his pants seeing him face-to-face. We were all worried he wouldn't get his movie poster signed, but thank God he pulled himself together at the last minute.

Now, as for Joe Pesci, there's no one we all would have wanted to cuss us out than he. It's almost like a badge of honor if this "small but terrible" gangster called you a "fucking loser" or a "worthless bastard." Unfortunately for us, he was at his best behavior during the premiere. One thing's for certain though, we missed that little guy! 

These are the movie stars the world still needs to see while they're still going at it! Hollywood, for the love of God, pull yourselves together and find new projects for these legends! You don't disrespect these gangsters just because a couple of punk superheroes came on the scene!  


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