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“Waves” will Eventually Make Waves in the Movies! 

For anyone who wants to understand the issue of race in the US, you need to watch "Waves!" It's an exceptionally beautiful film that captures what African-Americans go through as they try to navigate life against the backdrop of a country where racism was becoming mainstream again. 

I had the privilege of watching it when it was screened during the Telluride Film Festival. All of the actors were there, and most of them signed my copies of the movie poster. However, two actors stood out to me: Sterling K. Brown and Renee Elise Goldsberry. These are consummate artists at the top of their games. I remember most for their respective performances on NBC's "This Is Us" and the broadway musical "Hamilton" respectively. But in this film, they let their cinematic talents flourish. I dare say, they might have just given the best performances of their careers. They can only go up from here! 

In a time where race-relations are mostly tense, do yourselves a favor and watch "Waves." It's a beautiful education of human nature, the power of love, and the power of empathy. Hopefully, after watching it, you'll have more hope for this world as I do now! 


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