Watch Out For Alex Wolff Everyone!

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I love watching out for emerging talents. It's always so interesting to see new voices and faces that can change Hollywood. We've had the likes of Greta Gerwig, Ava Duverney, Mahershala Ali, and more in recent years. Now, there's one guy in particular that I have my eyes on—Alex Wolff! 

At first glance, he looks like a young indie actor whose more of the awkward leading man. He looks as if he'll follow the footsteps of Michael Cera, Jesse Eisenberg, or Joseph Gordon Levett. But once you watch "The Cat and the Moon," you'll realize he's so much more. The way he acts is so raw and real, and sincerity that I haven't seen in quite a while. And did I mention he also produced, directed, and wrote the damn thing? He's a film renaissance man in the making!

As a new fan, I was ecstatic to have had the chance to interview him for this lifestyle website I work on. I met up with him during his press junket promoting the movie and he's as charming as one can get. He's slightly awkward, a bit quirky, but he also brightens up like a Tiffany lamp when he started talking about the film. It was clear, with how enthusiastic he explained everything, that this was a passion project that was years in the making. 

Unable to keep my inner fangirl in check, after the interview I asked for his autograph. Not only that, I asked for the rest of the cast's autographs as well. That's how much I loved the film. When they asked where they'd like to write on, I revealed my inner movie geek and showed them my stack of copies of the movie's poster. "Oh wow, you really are a fan!" Alex laughed. I blushed but then, who wouldn't? I'm just so glad that they all signed them anyway. Every last one! 

Do yourselves a favor and see "The Cat and the Moon." It's a beautifully raw movie from an exceptional new star whose creativity knows no bounds! By the end of it, you'll learn to love the name, 'Alex Wolff.' 

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