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Underrated Avengers People Should Pay More Attention To

Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, and Thor. These and a few others are practically the only Avengers people mostly remember and talk about with regards the Marvel's Cinematic Universe. But is that fair? Hell to the f**king no! While these Avengers are important, there's a whole army of them that movie audiences should pay attention to. Fortunately, after "Avengers: Endgame," they're now starting to.

Still, here are some underrated Avengers and why they deserve more of our attention. 

Doctor Strange

Come one, don't tell me you don't think his magic mumbo-jumbo isn't impressive. After the ultimate demise of Iron Man, as well as Steve Rogers's own goodbye as Captain America, I think Doctor Strange will do well as the new leader of the Avengers. that's right, I said it! His wisdom, calmness and approachable authoritative nature make for a great leader, especially since most of the Avengers have their own angst and issues of their own. And just admit it, his powers are just damn impressive!  

Scarlett Witch

Another superhero with seemingly magic-based powers, Scarlett Witch is perhaps one of the more powerful Avengers in the lot. I've always thought of her as the most powerful member in the superhero collective, even more so than Thor, who himself is already a God. The way she made Thanos suffer in "Endgame" (as well as her boss' introduction to him) was all any Marvel needed to know just how mighty this bada** b**ch is! Just don't kill her love!  

Drax The Destroyer

Drax has something that, in my opinion, not a lot other Avengers have enough of... a good heart. Sure, he's adorably goofy and, at times, illogically violent. But deep down, he's a good-natured fella that just wants a family and to do what's right. He's often overpowered by the other guardians, namely Star-Lord, Gomorra, and even Groot at times, but this Destroyer can hold his own. He's very much like the hulk, only a hundred times smaller and without the rage.  

The Wasp

While Antman has the size and strength, the Wasp has intelligence and stealth. And those wings? Frickin's bada** for sure! The Wasp is such an underrated Avenger because she's more known as the love interest of Antman, but she's more than that. She's a highly intelligent artist, who coincidentally knows how to kick some a**, and, unlike Antman, knows how to control her suit. And let's be honest, who'd win a fight? An ant or a wasp? If you need time to answer, know that I'm shaking my head at you! 



Bow down b**hes, to the new Queen of Asgard. For the God of Thunder to bestow his throne to someone else, someone's who's not a god and who's a woman, means that hero is someone special. And she is! She's tough, composed, determined, and noble-traits any superhero should possess. And though she used to be afraid to fight before, "Thor: Ragnarok" and "Endgame" proved that when she does battle, b**ch didn't come to play! 

There’s a lot more to the Avengers than just Iron Man and Captain America. Watch their movies again and learn to appreciate all the heroes, not just the leaders! 

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